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Study of human gestural communication

To all this may concern,

Our research team (laboratoire ETHOS, CNRS-Université de Rennes 1) is currently carrying out an in depth study of human gestural communication. 


We would gratefully appreciate your collaboration with this national and international study. You can help us by answering the following on-line questionnaire.


The questionnaire is a multiple-choice-questions (MCQ) survey that includes questions about various actions involving your hands, feet, ears and face.


The whole survey should take you about 10 minutes.


Looking forward to receiving your answers, we thank you very much in advance for your helpful collaboration.


Jacques Prieur, Catherine Blois-Heulin and Stéphanie Barbu, Université de Rennes 1 (France)



If you wish to receive more information or to know the results of this survey, do not hesitate to contact us:


    Jacques Prieur                                    jac.prieur@yahoo.fr

            Catherine Blois-Heulin                      catherine.blois-heulin@univ-rennes1.fr

             Stéphanie Barbu                                 stephanie.barbu@univ-rennes1.fr



Remarks on the protection of personal privacy


This questionnaire is anonymous.
The recordings of your answers are guaranteed to contain no information that could identify you.



Guidelines for filling in the questionnaire


Instructions are given at the beginning of each part to help you answer the questions


  • First step: Read the question

Example: Which hand do you use to describe a hilly landscape to someone?


  • Second step: Comply with the instructions stated at the beginning of the corresponding part.

Example: Imagine that you are interacting with someone standing in front of you and facing you.


  • Third step: State which hand you would usually use to interact by proceeding as follows:

- if you would use spontaneously your left hand to interact, tick the box marked “Left”

- if you would use spontaneously your right hand to interact, tick the box marked “Right”

- if you would use indifferently your left or your right hand to interact, tick the box marked “Left or Right indifferently”

- if you cannot answer a question, tick the box “no Reply”


Proceed in the same way for questions concerning feet, ears and face 


The questionnaire includes 25 questions